The City of Lights. The Gambling Palace. These are less than half true about the casino capital as there are multitudinous ways to describe fabulous Las Vegas still bringing much hope to encouraged players. Obviously, with modern technology disseminated around the online-gambling market, nowadays you do not really have to buy a ticket to witness the famous strip where everyone could find gaming paradise, but spin on Vegas-style virtual machines to get the authentic vibe of being around wealth and luck. There are lots of various offerings featuring Vegas in different perspectives, so that each software developer in 99 out of 100 cases provides a game to embrace the fascinating gambling heaven. Net Entertainment haven’t made it to the list of exceptions and released their own vision on remarkable Vegas in an exclusively designed slot named http://slotmine.com/vegas-party/ . In particular, the game was created specifically for LeoVegas Casino, and no other customers but theirs have an opportunity to spin the reels of this slot machine.

Speaking honestly, the first impression of Vegas Party slots game leaves a certain feeling that the machine has been copied from popular Twin Spin gaming series with a few notes added from Master of Mystery, yet NetEnt cannot be blamed for duplicating their own production. Nevertheless, all exclusives, as a rule, are powered with unique line-ups, so Vegas Party isn’t an exception despite being quite resembling to a couple of previous NetEnt’s machines. In the first row, the game is designed in both mild and vivid pinkish colours lightening in the background tapestry which undoubtedly depicts everlasting Vegas streets while the front panel also keeps up with the theme arrangement – the reels are beautifully ornamented with flashing lights going around the grid in circles. As for animation and graphics, here NetEnt has spared no expense in platform’s responsiveness, that’s why Vegas Party looks so authentically juicy with every taken spin being decorated with additional popping elements. Symbol pictures are also considerably outstanding gathering Mr. Bond, Robin Hood, the Jester, Cleopatra and Jack Sparrow under one paytable roof.

Vegas Party slot is a game unusual in all usual standpoint especially when casino players have no prior experience with Twin Spin game’s mechanism. To begin with, the machine isn’t restricted to win-lines at all meaning that any adjacent matches can actually form a combination of icons. Having five reels and three rows, mathematics tells us that 243 diverse ways of constructing an array of similar icons exist where the only prerequisite for any combination is in that symbols have to be continuous from one reel to the next. On the whole, Vegas Party won’t offer additional free spins or some other extra activity, but this stands to reason regarding that the gameplay is built on Linked Reels teamed up with Wildcards, so the base game becomes the only source of earning real money. Overall, players’ chances at winning the major gaming jackpot in Vegas Party increases by 243, and surprisingly this situation is applicable to the regular spinning.   

Interesting features

Vegas Party slot machine doesn’t have anything about bonus rounds or extra spins within the gameplay, yet this doesn’t necessarily mean slotting action gets into a boring phase where spinning is the only option left by the developer. Net Entertainment always strive for balance in their products, therefore featurising appears to be quite moderate and elegant in accordance with the prevailing theme. Here casino players are offered to wager on a flawlessly animated grid having no strict rules or compulsory included win-lines, but Wildcards were installed into the process in order to spice things up a little. Broadly, the gameplay consists of Linked Reels and adjacent method applied for combinations which in turn makes slotting activity quite attractive even without straightforward bonuses.

The main aspect to appreciate will be standard Wildcards providing all the same range of functions seen in thousands of machines before. Nevertheless, Wild symbols do not appear chaotically where they want, only reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 are allowed to give them a shelter. Delivery remains relatively classic for this type of symbols and they simply are powered to act chameleon in a compound with matching symbols to enhance combinations by a few points. Vegas Party is, of course, an unconventional gaming solution, but it surely pays its dues to the old-time classics.   

Going further in the gameplay peculiarities, one comes across Linked Reel feature which is applied to every round in the machine. Basically, at the beginning of each spin, drums get tied into a twist of two, three or even four identical in symbols houses mimicking one another, so that icons become extended according to the number of links. The whole action starts with two links, but as the reels continue rotating, the pattern can be expanded across, and, as a result, more matching symbols will be displayed when the reels come to a complete stop. Obviously, the feature has a huge win potential taking into account that no paylines are included in the gameplay and any adjacent symbols can form a matching array. Again, Vegas Party copies the linked peculiarity from immortal Twin Spin, so there’ll be no surprise if you have already examined the method somewhere else.

The last, yet not the least interesting feature about Vegas Party slots is the total absence of win-lines to be betted on. In case you have no particular understanding of how this method of spinning works, make sure to read the next section devoted to no-line slots and tactics to tame them. In general, treat this kind as a multi-line machine with a really large number of strings attached because technically there’s no difference between a 243-lined game and Vegas Party offering almost the similar model of gambling. The whole point of this game consists in adjacent reels and resulting multiplications. To make it clear, here’s an example: three next to one another reels house three identical symbols, so according to the paytable you get a reward for a three-of-a-kind. Additionally, when the housing reels have more symbols of the matching the resulting sum is again multiplied by the number of these extra icons. Say, 3 chips land on the adjacent reels and by default (bet level 1) you obtain 50 credits. If another chip is anywhere on the reels displaying the major triple, your 50 gets to 100 credits and so on.


This is true, Vegas Party offers no lines, no fixed arrangements or specific rules about setting the line layout, consequently the question arises: how does a no-line machine works and how to make it work for your personal benefit? First of all, meet Linked Reel methodology consisting in adjacent drums which located next to each other in a unite set. Speaking fundamentally, any reel locating beside another reels is considered to be a package of two links. When you take a spin, the randomiser allocates two links which can get extended up to four tied reels in the end, yet a guaranteed set of two will always be there on the reels. Taking into consideration this adjacent procedure of linking reels together in one separate faction, no-line concept comes quite in handy. It works as follows: any combination is regarded as a combination in case three or more symbols are located in a continuous chain on the adjacent reels. And that’s it. Thus, it’s not obligatory for a symbol mix to be counted solely from left to right starting with the first reel – the combination may be positioned in the middle or in the rightmost angle, just anywhere. As for specific tactics applied to this turn of events, there is nothing concrete to be used in order to obtain insure winnings. Overall, your bet value always includes the whole grid, and theoretically your chances remain the same for each wager amount.

Rules and features

Vegas Party slot places gamblers on a five-reel, three-row layout powered with no-line conception where the general ways to form a combination from three to five calculated to be 243. The machine utilises Linked Reel approach to expanding and Wildcards for carrying out replacing for all symbols prescribed in the paytable. Wager limitations go from low to mid, so you can stick to a value in the range of 0.25 to 125 credits per single shot which is a cheerful choke of news for high-rollers wishing to unleash their buying potential. The theoretical RTP percentage is estimated to 96.6% that is quite a moderate value, so one could consider Vegas Party to be a mid-volatility machine with relatively frequent and regular payouts. Nevertheless, house edge might differentiate from casinos to casinos, by here it’s not the case as Vegas Party in an exclusive entry available only at LeoVegas Casino, so you can rush into betting with money straight after the load. There are two basic parameters influencing wagering – bet level and coin value. The latter serves as a denomination factor multiplying all stakes and consecutive winnings by the value. Bet level is an additional multiplier for the paytable numbers – there are ten level and the digit is used as a multiplying increment.

The main moment about rules in Vegas Party is a concept of corresponding symbols locating on the same reels. Firstly, the machine counts matching symbols on all adjacent reels and detects the highest in length combination. Secondly, it’s scanned through and if some more matching symbols are found on the used reels the resulting sum is multiplied by the number of matching symbols on these reels. Aside from that, there are Wildcards adding to the variety with substitution process for all regular symbols. No direct bonus rounds are provided and the whole action happens during the base game. Speaking of the paytable, there are two different sets of low-win and mid-win icons (shown for a default bet level):





Leo Chip








James Bond




Female Robin Hood




Jack Sparrow




Ace, King, Queen




Jack, Ten, Nine




Variations of this slot

Vegas Party provides an exclusive act of gambling, so those who are not associated with LeoVegas Casino may wonder how to get access to the same gameplay. Well, there are at least too great options available through many casinos majorly powered by NetEnt – Twin Spin and Twin Spin Deluxe. It goes without saying that the gameplay course slightly differs from Vegas Party, but here you can receive approximately the same range of Linked Reel functions and little more additional action. Deluxe Edition is on the latest machines in the series, and thus it offers a diversified gambling action compared to the previous version. Nonetheless, if you want to experience intertwined reels, these are the best options to choose from.


Surely not boring, ordinary or too plain. Vegas Party by NetEnt has very attractive manners in comparison to many other machines, so that you don’t even feel the absence of additional bonus features because Linked Reels and an unusual set of ‘line’ notions perfectly make it up for the lack of additionality. Besides, the exclusiveness of this game gets it in a wanted list as you have to possess an account at LeoVegas in order to spin the reels against the fabulous bright background. Overall, Vegas Party is a refreshing piece, not void of selectiveness, but mostly watching all these vibrant in colour lights makes you linger a little longer by the computer. So, let’s turn a blind eye on the game being a replica of Twin Spin.